I Wish I Was Someone Else - Acoustic Singles




some singles about why i hate everyone.


released November 14, 2016

American Spirit Cigarettes, UV Blu Vodka, and Marijuana. The true holy trinity.



all rights reserved


TOASTERR Lapeer, Michigan

I like stuff, but I also like things.

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Track Name: What Happened To You?
i considered you my brother,
but you considered me your rug,
you walked all over me so you could get what you want,

and now I’ve had enough, your friends treat you like shit-
and I’m sure that you deserve that, so i guess ill let you have them:
but i wrote you a song about what its like to be alone,
so you can have something to relate to when you’re finally on your own

you told me thats what you wanted.
Track Name: September
i took some time away from you and your face,
and noticed about two things:
you are a rose in a winter winter breeze,
beautiful from a distance- but those thorns will make you bleed.

and you are a needle that i inject in my veins,
so blissful at first, but you lead to hunger pains,
and the darkness inside my chest,
will no doubt bring an end to this.
and when i crash my car, what does it feel like?
the weight is on my chest, but you are are breathing fine

in fact you are breathing fire-
its crushing both my legs,
its such a cruel reminder,
that I’m trapped in colder days

and theres no fire to heat,
everything you left to me,
my body is bruised and broken,
I’m shaking my sleep

and you are the smoke-
from the end of a blunt,
no matter what you’re laced with,
ill put you in my lungs

because even if you kill me,
i want you in my embrace,
its such a cruel reminder,
that these are darker days.

a bittersweet heart,
i am trapped inside my art.
a bittersweet heart,
i am trapped inside my art.
Track Name: Depression Glorifying Assholes Go To The Local Gas Station So They Can Steal A Few Black N' Milds And Smoke Them With Their Shitty Group Of Soft Grunge Peers
i hate your smartass,
and the way that you dress,
your pointless fucking drama,
and your constant cigarettes,

taking care of plants,
just to say that you’re a hippy
heres a seed for you,
maybe it’ll help you grow an original opinion, but probably not.

yeah, probably not.

and lately you’ve been talking shit on me,
which makes you more an idiot then i thought you could be,
I’m disappointed. you were going to be a writer,
but you’re pursuing happiness like a slug thats on a leash.
and jesus christ: when did you get so dull?
I’m numbing all my fingers, just trying to go home.
but you’re a “badass”
well, at least you are in your head-
so just do me a favor, and don’t text me again.