some demos, some unused things, some new material.


released July 19, 2017



all rights reserved


TOASTERR Lapeer, Michigan

I like stuff, but I also like things.

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Track Name: Ed-wards
*chimes n things*
Track Name: Rest My Head ( v2 )
rest my head,
i just need a place to think.

rest your head,
i don’t want it there forever.

not on my shoulder
not on my heart

leave the door open door open when you leave,
i hope you love yourself the way you couldn’t love me.

leave the memories in a jar on the porch,
ill save them for rainy days when my cd’s won’t work

you’re in my head, and i can’t get you out.

i don’t even know if i want you out.
Track Name: rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain.
i use to wonder how accidents happened,
slam your fingers in the kitchen drawer,
i hope you wont need your knuckles when you’re bleeding on the floor.

now theres a knife inside your neck,
maybe ill move it down into your chest,
you know i could bash your teeth in,
so why don’t you go tell your friends?

your friends are dead, they’re dead.
i killed them and they begged for their lives,
id give you up to hear it one more time.

and now its all pouring from your ears,
from your brain to your deepest fears,
get you with a baseball bat,
all black in the back, throw you in a cattle sack.

i can feel them,
they’re all dead.
Track Name: I Only Kill People,
i said i want to kill myself,
one day i probably will,
so fuck being in the family name,
fuck being in the will,
fuck who’s telling me save myself,
fuck who says it gets better in the end,
fuck whoever is near me,
and fuck god,
god, fuck my friends.

get high, get drunk, throat slit, hang out.
fuck my life.
fuck you.
fuck your parents.
fuck your “friends”

therapists are built on shit eating grins,
bashed his fucking teeth in,
fuck being clean,
fuck nicotine,


bam, i guess I’m dead, i put a bullet in my head,
and I’m choking on these pills, noose around my neck for thrills.
and i only kill people because i hate this world,

i said i only kill people, i hate this world.
Track Name: Death, The Most Fragile.
this man has not even shaken your hand yet, but instead sneaks into your house and steals things,
it starts small, items that fit in his petite, old, withering hands, but soon those delicate fingers will be all thats left between you and infinite nothingness. would you shake that hand?
the hand those took your mothers medication when she couldn’t sleep for weeks,
the hand that took your covers when all you had was skin to keep yourself warm,
the one that rubbed your hair until it left red, unexplainable blotches all over your scalp,
the one that took your fathers hand and threw it towards your face, knocking you down to your already so limber knees,
or the hand that turned your sisters break-lines before she went to school?
the hands that held onto the bottom of her coffin, while everyone else felt the top as it lowered further and further, until it stops at the bottom of six foot plot-twist that no one could have anticipated,
only to be gripped and held by this pale, light palm, and have the saturation of life squeezed from her as dirty water would from a rag?

death brings sorrow. and all good intentions pave the road to misery.

would you shake that hand?
Track Name: M O N E Y ( Ft. Daniel Johns )
Track Name: HIGHER
they call me toaster, i like to fucking roast bitches,
kill snitches,
tear apart they fuckin’ thinking’

intellect inside my tongue,
speaking blades that’ll cut you some,
gut you, son, told you i been marking targets,
killin shit, you best believe it-

I’m bashing heads in, in blood I’m drawing pentagrams,
i summon satan, and then ill make him my little bitch.

now I’m the devil, catch me setting flame in heavens meadow,
we snatching’ angels, we carvin em up until they hollow,
it isn’t science, I’m better than you, you can’t deny it,
we run on ego, narcissism, I’m your fucking hero,

down at the alter, my fist to ya face- I’m like balboa,
competition, as if a was even really playing,
i barely lifted a finger and now the worlds evolving.
you think your hard, but a flick could break your fucking shoulder.

I’m walking fire, you simple fuckers cannot aspire,
I’m getting angry, so now I’m getting fucking higher,
I’m on that true shit, punks like you think that I’m made of hatred,
but you’re right, i can’t be tamed; in fact I’m splittin’ faces.
Track Name: Indica ( strains )
whenever i wake up from dreaming,
i think i lose a part of me.

this isn’t a specific song about anything,
I’m just sad and felt i should be writing.

i don’t love anyone who doesn’t love me,
i smell a lot like a marijuana leaf,

i look a lot like something you’d enjoy but couldn’t ever need.

( and maybe theres something off in my head,
some days i wish id stay in bed,
and maybe something loose in my neck,
my words are always breaking, no matter whats said )

i don’t need to give myself false conformities,
inside of my head i made my own entities.
inside my turning gears, these entities consume me,
ripping apart metal until its scrap-

i hope that when i come down i feel nothing.
i hope that when you come home you feel something,
because i know that you went cold when i wasn’t beside you.